Food in the Dead’s Day

by Saúl Miranda Ramos

Celebrating the dead´s day in my hometown Tzicuilan implies offering several kind of food to died people. First of all, people in my hometown use to offer tamales. Tamales are a kind of food made by corn, meat and mole or chili sauce. They are evolved by a corn leave or a banana leave, and cooked by steam. Second, is a tradition offering pipián to the soul of the relatives that have dead. This kind of food is delicious and made by sesame, tomatoes, chili pepper and chicken. Indeed, pipián is a traditional but pretty common food in my hometown. Most importantly is offering mole. That is a very traditional food used to serve to significant guests at important celebrations. Furthermore, this food is made by several kinds of chiles, and other ingredients. For instance, peanuts, cinnamon, cookies, tomatoes, almonds, fried bananas, sugar and dozens of other ingredients are contained at mole. Moreover, all they are mixed and cooked with Chicken soup. To sum up, tamales, pipián and mole are some of many other kind of food people use to commemorate their relatives that have died.


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