My Last Versatil Group

by Saúl Miranda Ramos

          Last summer I interacted in a versatile group at Spring International Languaje Center of the University of Arkansas. At first, it was versatile since shared interests. For instance, all we were involved in topics like social justice as gender, poverty, education, enviroment, and others. Moreover, the members of the group have experiences in social development projects like journalist, teachers, psychotherapists, laws, and others. In contrast, this group had lots of differences. For example, in this group we were from very different countries that comes from Asia, Africa, Europe, India and from America* and everyone  know each country has his own ways to be and act. Consequently, the culture of the members in this group were too distinct from each other. For only a few examples, people greet with a bow, one kiss, two kisses, holding hands, or without touching the other person. Another example is the different tools to eat such a as chopsticks, forks or just the hand. In summary, last June I interrelated in a multifaceted group at an English School in the USA. 


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