National History and Anthropology Museum

by Saúl Miranda Ramos

Last June I took an interesting trip to the National History and Anthropology Museum in Mexico City to know more about Mexican culture, the country where I live. At first, I knew more about my ancestors such as aztecas and mayas. Aztecas were founders of Mexico-Tenochtitlan city. They built this city and developed markets, architecture, and the basis of the current culture of this country. In addition to, Mayas culture is manifested at the museum. Mayas were a very important culture at Mesoamerica due to they developed knowledge about astronomy and Math. Moreover, they built a very important city in Yucatán, México. One maya pyramid was declared a marvelous of the world just few years ago. Most significantly, I could know and see original prehispanic pieces. At the museum front, you can see “Tlaloc” the Aztec rain god who were translated to Mexico City. In the Museum, you can admire the solar calendar which is in a special and central saloon. In the same sense, the museum holds original codices about the foundation of Mexico City. All in all, Knowing information about my ancestors, the current cultures in Mexico and appreciate original prehispanic pieces made my trip to México a very interesting trip.


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