A Particular Christmas Celebration

by Saùl Miranda Ramos

Christmas is celebrated in a communitarian and participatory way in Tzicuilan. First of all, in this town the participation of children is special when they perform shepherdes who visit Belèn. Some days before December 24th Children use to practice chants and dances to commemorate Jesus birth. Second, the participation of indigenous dances are relevant at Christmas celebration. This dances are Negritos, Quetzales, Santiagos and Voladores. In the performing of his dances implies the participation of other people likewise the "Tenientes" a traditional authority in this town. In adition the participation of Mayordomos is important because of the responsability they have in face of the community. Mayordomos have the responsability of care a saint and cooperate to organize the celebration with things like the shopping of flowers, candles, garlands, and fireworks shaped like "little bulls" and called "toritos". Also, the goverment of this town is present. The president of the community is in the celebration at Church. Furthermore the goverment cooperates with money for the celebration and pays for people to work in the arrangment of the celebration. Most important, the participation of other people is impressionant. Since 6:00 p.m. some people use to congregate at Church: others meets at president`s house and others where the "posadita" is. Each group has their function, and all meet at church at 10:00 p.m. start the pray. At finishing this praying, people go out at courtyard and give hugs to each other. Even, you can see migrant people that have returned to the town to celebrate together. All in all, the participation of people in this community makes Christmas a peculiar celebration.


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