A Very Important Woman Leader in Cuetzalan

by Saúl Miranda Ramos

Doña Rufina is a very important woman leader in Cuetzalan. First of all, she is the president of an indigenous woman organization called Taselotzin. Like president she established a hotel that offers beds, laundry and restaurant services. Also, she coordinates a medical traditional group of women at the same hotel. This traditional medical services are, such as, temazcal, massages and curative teas. Second, she has been president of organizations built by other organizations in Cuetzalan. She was elected president in the group “Vive Cuetzalan” where this group is constituted by restaurants, hotels, NGO´s, Government institutions and others. In this group she leads projects that promote the tourism in the Northwest Puebla. In these days her participations has been brilliant in the project of “ordenamiento territorial”. Moreover, she has leaded a political group. In the 90´s se was candidate for be president of Cuetzalan, but unfortunately the chauvinism does not allow she resulted winner that time. Despite, she has worked for the developed of the geographical zone since other spaces like the NGO´s. In conclusion, leading a woman organization, representing other organization and participating politically make doña Rufina a very important woman leader in Cuetzalan.


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