Water, fun and your life

by Saúl Miranda Ramos

It is undeniable water is a source of life. All living beings need it to survive. Human beings, as well as the vital need, have developed strategies of wellbeing linked with water and fun. Some ways water can be used for fun and enjoyment are playing with balloons filled of water, relaxing with the sound of a water source, swimming at a pool or navigate at the sea.

Playing with balloons filled of water is enjoyable. At first, Balloons are able to remember your childhood. All we have nice memories playing with a balloon and when you touch one of them is unavoidable to smile. That is a Psychoanalytic interpretation but if you want to stand to see it carefully you can see. It is true! Second, balloons are colorful. Everyone knows the colors of balloons are great. I think many people share the opinion that these colors spread joy. Third, using balloons filled of water is amazing. In summer time you can organize games which could consist in throwing one inflatable each other in the target to wet your friends. Also, you can establish goals to get them in teams such as passing balloons in webs in order to get to the aim. Fourth, you can spend exiting time with your friends even if they are adults. In a course of leadership at a University in Cuetzalan, some young adult students enjoy games with balloons as children. With these activities people, like that students, forget troubles and put aside the prejudices that as adults we have. These are terrific experiences; as magnificent it could be is not the only one, there are lots of more amazing experiences with water.

The sound of water in a source is relaxing. Previously, in Buddhism the sound of water is used for meditation in order to get insight and enlightenment. For example, Buddhist meditation music and chants includes the sound of the water made by a source. It is ascertainable in whichever video in youtube. Eventually, some hypnotherapists use the water sounds to relax their clients with hypnosis inductions. The sounds are not every time directly of water. The sounds could come from the imagination of the people and it is not a request the presence of real water, but the effects are real. Final, the match of a water source, flowers, incense, candles, and aromatic oil helps to create a special atmosphere makes you obtain a deep relaxing state. There are alternatives treatments to the stress that helps to reduce it and increase the relaxing state. You can use it every time you want and practice it by yourself. Although, the enjoyment of water is not ever in a passive stance, also, there are active movements too.

Swimming at a pool is so enjoyable. Previously, in a swimming pool you can move every muscle you have. Physicians suggest the swimming pool like the most complete sport because promotes the movement and empower of all your muscular system. With this sport you can be in shape and develop resistance. Also, your heart and lungs will be strengthened. Afterward, feeling like flying meanwhile you swim is to promote the growing of you fancy. Let your fantasy free and imagine you fly meanwhile you swim. It is marvelous you let free your imagination and get until you want. Currently, hearing bubbles of the water is relaxing. In free moments during your swimming class you can float with your ears under the water and listening bubbles. In that way it is easy to rest and enjoy water. Ultimately, at the end of a session swimming class you could have obtained relaxing. That is, after all your muscles and all your imagination would get in hard movements it is time to feel peace in your body and mind and, enjoying life. If you want have fun in other sizes I suggest the sea.

Navigate at the sea is amazing. Once I went to Veracruz (México) in the carnival days. This carnival is one of the most famous in Mexico because of the excessive entertaining of the people assist.  One morning there was a boat parade with music bands, dancers, flags, colorful customs, and many people dancing and smiling. There were five little ships marching one after other. For one side the seaport was seen, bye the other side the deep sea could be seen. The parade was a wonderful experience over the water. I have never been in a cruise but with this experience I think one of them could be magnificent.

All in all, there are several forms to enjoy water such as making games with balloons, using their sound to change mind states and arrive to relax, activities in the pool or in the sea. All these actions have been played by me, the author. I encourage you to try these or new ways to enjoy water and share them with me.


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