Mostrando entradas de enero, 2012

Adapting to a New Environment

By Saúl Miranda Ramos Human beings are very adaptable. We can live in most climates of the world. In the past, people tended to stay  in the place they were born, but now we move easily from countryside to city, from one part of the country to another, and even from country to country. Each place has its own customs and ways to life, and countries also have different languages. When I moved from Mexico to Chile, I had to made several adjustments to my life.

I had to adapt to a very extreme climate. At first, Santiago de Chile is pretty warm in summer. Since October the hot weather coming rising up until 40ºC or more, and the sun rays are aggressive. Thus, in these days people use to go to the beach and spend time in pools with sun protection cream. Although, Santiago is too cold in winter. Since April-May the cold weather is arriving and the polar windy arrives. People use to stay at home near the warm, watching movies, drinking tea and eating empanadas. In short, I had to adapt to two…