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An Experience in a Socio-Cultural Animation, an Experience in a Rural University Context in Mexico


Saul Miranda Ramos
The need for interventions located in different cultural contexts led to the development of the Universidad del Desarrollo del Estado de Puebla (UNIDES) Campus Yaonáhuac to implement a socio-educational project with the objective to know about the social reality of the Campus, their needs and resources, evaluation of this project allowed us to know the impacts. From a qualitative perspective, a Sociocultural Animation project was implemented, based on analysis techniques of reality: meetings, brainstorming and document analysis. The working group consisted of 16 undergraduates enrolled in psychology undergraduate from 2007 at the UNIDES; the process was conducted in four stages: Reality Analysis, Planning, Implementation and Participatory Evaluation. The main results identified the need to work on improving the academic background of the Working Group for actions that were implemented for…

Saúl Miranda Ramos

Semblanza Saúl Miranda Ramos

Mi nombre esSaúl Miranda Ramos, nací el 26 de Abril de 1982 en México D.F., mi nacionalidad es mexicana, mi domicilio se encuentra en Tzicuilan, Cuetzalan, Puebla desde hace 23 años. Estudié la Maestría en Psicología Comunitaria en la Universidad de Chile, asimismo soy titulado como Especialista y Máster en Animación Sociocultural (ASC) e Intervención Socioeducativa por la Universidad Pablo de Olavide de Sevilla, España e hice la Licenciatura en Psicología en la Benemérita Universidad Autónoma de Puebla (BUAP). Actualmente laboro como Asesor Académico en la Universidad del Desarrollo del Estado de Puebla (UNIDES) en el Campus de Cuetzalan donde, además, asesoro tesis de licenciatura. Otras de mis actividades actuales consisten en trabajar como psicoterapeuta en el Hospital de Medicina Tradicional Talkampatapajtia (Lugar donde se cura) además de colaborar en el Fondo Mundial de Prevención del VIH a través del Observatorio de Dere…

Water, fun and your life

by Saúl Miranda Ramos
It is undeniable water is a source of life. All living beings need it to survive. Human beings, as well as the vital need, have developed strategies of wellbeing linked with water and fun. Some ways water can be used for fun and enjoyment are playing with balloons filled of water, relaxing with the sound of a water source, swimming at a pool or navigate at the sea.
Playing with balloons filled of water is enjoyable. At first, Balloons are able to remember your childhood. All we have nice memories playing with a balloon and when you touch one of them is unavoidable to smile. That is a Psychoanalytic interpretation but if you want to stand to see it carefully you can see. It is true! Second, balloons are colorful. Everyone knows the colors of balloons are great. I think many people share the opinion that these colors spread joy. Third, using balloons filled of water is amazing. In summer time you can organize games which could consist in throwing one inflatable each…

Three memories of my grandmother

by Saúl Miranda Ramos
When I was a child I used to spend time with my grandmother. Her house was filled of náhuas traditions. Today, after 20 years, those experiences make me being nostalgic. The smell of cempoalxóchitl, the sound of the violin and the guitar, and the sight of candles remind me of my grandmother.
My grandmother used to use an important flower called Cempoalxóchitl, twenty flowers is their meaning in Náhuatl language. First of all, she used to grow these flowers in June. The exact date she sends someone to sow is June 24th. Next, each November she used to decorate the offering to the dead; furthermore, at these days her house was filled of flowers and their smell. All in all, for my grandmother these flowers were too important in the practice of their beliefs. .   Daily, my grandmother used to hear marvelous traditional music. In Cuetzalan, the place where are her roots, ancestral music is made by a guitar and a violin. This kind of music is called Xochipitzahuak (Fine Fl…

Life in Cuetzalan

By Saúl Miranda Ramos
Fortunately, I have lived in cities and in countryside. Each way of life has his benefits and difficulties.  Today, because of I live in a little town I could share one point of view. Living in Cuetzalan is quite interesting because of the cultural diversity, staying in touch with flora and fauna, and the climate. When you have contact with people from Cuetzalan you can feel the magnificent cultural diversity. First of all, you could have Nahuas friends. In social projects is usual Nahuas are participating and you can become a friend of one of them. Second, you could have western friends.  At the same social projects, is usual the cohabitation between mestizos and people from western world. All in all, in Cuetzalan you can meet indigenous people and people from other parts of the world. Cuetzalan has the profit of stay in touch with flora and fauna interestingly. At first, Cuetzalan is in a wood with fog, and the houses are among the trees, palms, flowers and gras…

Adapting to a New Environment

By Saúl Miranda Ramos Human beings are very adaptable. We can live in most climates of the world. In the past, people tended to stay  in the place they were born, but now we move easily from countryside to city, from one part of the country to another, and even from country to country. Each place has its own customs and ways to life, and countries also have different languages. When I moved from Mexico to Chile, I had to made several adjustments to my life.

I had to adapt to a very extreme climate. At first, Santiago de Chile is pretty warm in summer. Since October the hot weather coming rising up until 40ºC or more, and the sun rays are aggressive. Thus, in these days people use to go to the beach and spend time in pools with sun protection cream. Although, Santiago is too cold in winter. Since April-May the cold weather is arriving and the polar windy arrives. People use to stay at home near the warm, watching movies, drinking tea and eating empanadas. In short, I had to adapt to two…