Mostrando entradas de febrero, 2012

Life in Cuetzalan

By Saúl Miranda Ramos
Fortunately, I have lived in cities and in countryside. Each way of life has his benefits and difficulties.  Today, because of I live in a little town I could share one point of view. Living in Cuetzalan is quite interesting because of the cultural diversity, staying in touch with flora and fauna, and the climate. When you have contact with people from Cuetzalan you can feel the magnificent cultural diversity. First of all, you could have Nahuas friends. In social projects is usual Nahuas are participating and you can become a friend of one of them. Second, you could have western friends.  At the same social projects, is usual the cohabitation between mestizos and people from western world. All in all, in Cuetzalan you can meet indigenous people and people from other parts of the world. Cuetzalan has the profit of stay in touch with flora and fauna interestingly. At first, Cuetzalan is in a wood with fog, and the houses are among the trees, palms, flowers and gras…